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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Brett, thanks for the further assist. Looks like I'm now blogging.

As for your question on allies and alienation, I interpret that as meaning any actions taken by our government which have the ultimate effect of reducing the prospects for McDonalds and Coca Cola to reach customers in countries that are not yet fully saturated with Big Macs and Cokes. In the final analysis, worthwhile alliances are those from which we derive financial benefit. New idea? No. Cynical, yes. True? Absolutely.

FYI, our little technology adventure - Slingshot Game Technology - had its board meeting last night. Unfortunately the status quo remains as a perfectly good, fun, well priced, leading edge product continues to struggle to find its way into homes across America. As the Snowboard has not succeeded as a game controller we have decided on a dramatic change in strategy and will now market the Catapult to home decorating centers as an attractive wall hanging.

The Slingshot voyage has been a real eye opener. So many crap products find their way onto unethical retailer store shelves leaving unhappy customers and probably good profits at the schlock developer/manufacturer in Asia. So how come, despite an extraordinary effort, a great product like the Catapult can't find a home. Its criminal. Doubtless there are thousands of similar tales of woe across corporate America every year. There is a book, an exposee in here somewhere. In any even, look for the Museum Tour Catalogue in your mailbox - who have the 'exclusive' rights to the Catapult this year.

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