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Friday, April 09, 2004

The Most Trusted Man in America?

Bret, in your last post, you mentioned that I read different sources of information than you and Howie. I won't dispute that, but I would say that I read fairly broadly, and have been particularly interested in articles on the Mises Institute site since the underlying philosophy seems to be that which you and Howie have promoted. Yet, many of the articles I've found there seem to contradict the opinions you espouse on the blog. But, maybe I'm just being selective with the data...

Anyway, without apologies, here's an article from a site I'm sure you'd disparage, written by Walter Cronkite.

By the way, the recent testimonies by Clarke and Rice have been interesting. By and large, I'm sympathetic with Rice's defense regarding the extreme difficulty of anybody being able to prevent the 9-11 attacks. The consistency in facts between her and him seems also to validate the truthfulness of what Clarke has said -- whether or not one agrees with his interpretations. All this, though, seems to me to be a sideline issue that is being focused on because of the understandable grief of relatives of 9-11 victims. To me, the more interesting issue, not focused on during the interview of Rice, is the response to 9-11, and whether that response has reduced or is likely to reduce terrorism as well as it could have. This is the heart of what we debated with the Great Guys in the desert as the stars came out. I still believe that Bush used 9-11 as a pretext to go after Saddam -- a tactical decision driven by personal and familial animosity with strategic implications that were not well thought out. As I've contended before, Bush has a history of "bold" action -- I would call it impestuous -- without much concern for consequences, and charmed man that he is, this has worked out for him. We can only hope that he will be fortunate again since so much of the world's future is now tied to his gamble.

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