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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Response to Bret's Comments

Since I couldn't fit my comments within the 100-word maximum, here's my response to your latest comment on a previous posting.

It's interesting how different our perspectives are. The way I see it:
- Invading Iraq distracted us from doing an adequate job in Afghanistan where almost all of the country is run by warlords, and a popular pasttime for women is burning themselves to death because they can't stand the oppression.
- Invading Iraq gave Al Qaeda the chance to regroup -- just ask the Spanish. In my opinion, the chance of future terrorism on U.S. soil is much higher now as a result of the increased hatred we've engendered among radical Muslim elements as a result of our behavior in Iraq.
- The approximately $200 billion committed so far in Iraq could have done much more for democracy and global cooperation.
- The U.S.'s reputation in the world is perhaps the lowest it has ever been, seriously inhibiting our ability to lead anything globally.
- Libya's change was underway long before taking out Saddam.
- Iran is still a mess -- the mullahs still reign supreme. Frankly, it's hard to tell what the effect our Iraq invasion has had. Having lived there, my guess is that we made them more paranoid and, therefore, more inclined to take countermeasures in the form of both offensive and defensive weapons.
- Our military is spread so thin, we would have a hard time dealing with a significant new threat. Further, its morale is now undermined, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is taking a high toll.

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