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Monday, September 26, 2005

Lucky Day

Well, old Moses just used up several lifetimes worth of luck, all in one day:
A man who immigrated from Kenya to the United States found prosperity beyond his expectations on the day he became a U.S. citizen.

Shortly after Moses Bittok, of West Des Moines, took the oath of citizenship on Friday, he discovered he had a $1.89 million winning ticket from the Iowa Lottery's Hot Lotto game. "It's almost like you adopted a country and then they netted you $1.8 million," Bittok said Monday as he cashed in his ticket. "It doesn't happen anywhere — I guess only in America."

Bittok said he took the citizenship oath at the federal building in Des Moines Friday then went shopping with his family. They stopped at a gas station to check his lottery ticket from the Sept. 21 drawing.

I've seen it stated before, that a green card for a young person from a poor country is literally worth a million dollars in additional income over the course of the person's lifetime. The delta between green card and citizen is more subtle, but I know that I'd take the citizenship before the $1.8 million any day. But even better to get both at the same time!

It's better to be lucky than good, but best to be good 'n' lucky!

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