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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

China, That Egalitarian Paradise

Well, maybe not. As a recent article in the Asia Times points out, China has more economic inequality than that champion of free markets - the United States:
The startling figure of 74,000 protests across China in 2004, up from 58,000 the previous year, has popped up in many newspapers, as has China's most recent Gini coefficient of 0.45, suggesting that economic inequality in China has in fact surpassed that of the US and UK with their allegedly cold-blooded "Anglo-Saxon" model of capitalism. (The Gini coefficient, a measure of inequality developed by the Italian statistician Corrado Gini, is a measure of income inequality ranging between 0 and 1, where 0 corresponds to a society where everyone has exactly the same income, and 1 corresponds to a society where one person has all the income and everyone else has none.) [...]

The aforementioned figures seem to find confirmation in other numbers more readily available: 66% of all total bank deposits belong to 10% of the population, with 20% of the population holding 80% of total deposits. Peasants, the majority of China's population, make under US$300 a year, while people in Shanghai, the richest city in China, earn over $4,000 a year. China's coastal region, home to some 300 million people, produces about 70% of China's GDP. If we compare these numbers, it becomes clear that we are talking about the same group: 20% of the population amounts to about 260 million people, roughly the population of the coastal region, and the ten percent holding 66% of total deposits are the 130 million affluent people living in eastern coastal cities. The rest of the country has been left behind.
So that's why China has been growing so fast. Not only are they not into communism anymore, they're not even trying to keep up a pretense of being egalitarian. Welcome to the global market economy China!

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Howard said...

In connection with China and an inegalitarian reality, I think that most people who worry about China have no clue as to the series of social and political transformations they will endure if they are to keep growing over the very longterm. Something to do with that FREEDOM thang instead of statist dreck.