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Monday, May 14, 2007

She Teed That One Up

I have a set of very obscure puns in the back of my mind that I inject into conversation whenever possible. With some of them, they are so obscure that I only get a chance to use them less than once per decade. My enjoyment when I do finally get to use them is immense.

My sister and I were talking about a mutual acquaintance who is a professional cellist. We had both been sent a recording of one of the cellist's performances and I was pretty unimpressed. I mentioned that to my sister which led to the following conversation:

Sister: Well, I think she was playing a baroque cello, and I think those are hard to play.
Me: Of course a broke cello would be hard to play, why doesn't she get it fixed?

My sister then emitted a noise that sounded like a cross between choking and moaning. I hope she's okay.

It'll probably be another ten years before the opportunity comes up to use that particular pun again. I'm sure I'll enjoy it as much then.

Does anybody else have some good, but really obscure puns, that I can file away?

By the way, I'll probably move on from these personal anecdotes after a few more posts. These are just an easy way to warm back into the blogging thang.

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