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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Great Guys Announce a Major Staff Realignment

As a result of output both shabby and sporadic, from a place people care so little about that it isn't even in the right place on most maps, the Great Guys Board of Directors announces with some relief that Hey Skipper will in the near future be spending more time with his family.

In Germany.

Where he will continue his output both shabby and sporadic.


Clovis e Adri said...

Hey Skipper,

Life changing decisions? Great.

I like Germany a lot, I wish the best for you there. I guess you'll have a few inspirations for future posts soon enough.

And are you going to work for Lufthansa or DHL? :-)

erp said...

Best of luck in your new assignment.

Bret said...

HS wrote: "... the Great Guys Board of Directors ... "

The who? The what? :-)

Hey Skipper said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hey Skipper said...

I'm going from this to this.

We should be there roughly four and a half years.

erp said...

The second photo says Vienna? Old world charm vs rugged Alaska.

What fun.

Anonymous said...

Remember, Ost Friesland is the best part of Germany!

Clovis e Adri said...


Nice, a bigger plane.

Sorry to ask, and feel free to not answer, but if it is the same job with a bigger plane, how come you'll spend more time with family?

Hey Skipper said...

Clovis -- no, actually a smaller plane. Max takeoff weight of the B757 is just over a third of the MD11.

... how come you'll spend more time with family?

Mostly that was a throwaway line, the sort of thing politicians use when they are about to be tossed out for entirely different reasons.

TOSWIPIAW retired last week. Typically I have two weeks a month off. When we get to Europe, She is hell-bent on ensuring that I'll either be living out of a suitcase working, or living out of a suitcase traveling.

erp said...

Sounds like a great adventure!