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Friday, September 01, 2017

Martyr in the Making

Joey Gibson is the founder of Patriot Prayer:
Patriot Prayer is an American right-wing advocacy group, whose stated aim is to support free speech and the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The group is known for organizing rallies and protests in predominantly liberal areas. Some of the rallies have drawn controversy due to the attendance of white nationalists, though the group's founder Joey Gibson, a Japanese-American, has disavowed them and denounced racism. [...]
The Southern Poverty Law Center does not list Patriot Prayer as a hate group, nor does it regard Gibson as an extremist;

He also seems to want to be a martyr. Via the Weekly Standard, his story is told, including a recent beating. The following is a video of that beating where he and two associates are peacefully standing, unarmed, with arms in the air in gestures of submission and surrender. They say nothing at all (or at least nothing that could possibly be heard). They are nonetheless mercilessly attacked by the crowd and Joey is hospitalized from the resulting injuries.


His primary motivation seems to be to make Antifa look bad. Watching this video, he certainly succeeded in my eyes. While we don't see what happened directly before the video started, it certainly looks like a mob attacked three peaceful men without any sort of provocation other than their mere existence.

I find the video sickening to watch. To me, the attacking crowd makes humanity look really bad. Those not actually physically attacking the three men are egging the attackers on. Nobody seems to even entertain the thought that attacking peaceful unarmed people in a public park is wrong. Nobody even thinks to intervene in any way.

Even police allow criminals to surrender by holding their hands over their heads. Even armies in war allow the surrender of the enemy. The behavior on the video is pre-civilizational, the behavior of barbarians. Oh sure, I get that mob violence happens and this is just one instance. But what makes it different to me is that there was no incitement: no weapons, no violence, no speech, no nothing.

Joey is never violent and that fact is well known. His colleague "says Joey never, ever fights back." What non-violent person would repeatedly put himself in a position where he'll be beaten and probably eventually killed? One who wishes to be a martyr. When asked what the objective at the park was, Joey responded.

"Not dying."

If so, I think he needs to run his life a little differently.


Clovis e Adri said...


The haircut stabbing was fake, it was self-inflicted.

Which goes to show, together with your main story, the extent to which this a sort of victimization culture all around, at all sides. Mr. Joey may have his good intentions, but to throw youself into an irrational lynching mob is, as you well defined, a wish to be a martyr. Likewise, most of those Antifas think themselves as somehow victimized by right-wing white culture, and think to be in their right to behave like that.

The fake haircut stabbing allegation is a hallmark of victimization culture, in line with people who fake racially motivated attacks on themselves. I've spent the last few years reading right wing blogs complaining of the victmization culture of the Left, and now we see it in the Right too.

Boy, whatever is happening to your younger generation, it ain't pretty.

erp said...

Clovis, Kennedy by Executive Order allowed unions into the public sector. That led to teachers' unions taking over the public schools which previously were administered by local school boards which oversaw curricula, hiring, etc.

In the "bad" old days, there was no "fairness." There were good school districts where a larger percentage of local taxes were spent on the schools. People who wished a good education for their kids willingly moved there and supported them. Kids in the poorer/slum areas schools supported by larger tax bases were lacking in the "bells and whistles" the richer kids had, but still learned to read and write and all the other Jeopardy categories.

I myself, grew up in a working class neighborhood in NYC and went to public schools, including what was then known as the city college system for exceptionally bright kids :-) of all backgrounds.

Here in the formerly very rural area of central Florida with a large black population, kids were educated. A very good friend of mine, my age 82, went to segregated schools here, is a lovely cultured lady whose English is perfect and she's not the only one. I also have white friends raised here who went to segregated schools and don't find much difference in them from an educational point or view. They all report that desegregation was peaceful. It was only ugly in the area where lefties were able to stir up trouble for the media to exploit.

Pace Harry, no I don't think segregated schools were a good idea although segregation is coming back in the elite schools because diversity/equality now demands it.

Long answer to your question. The left has had almost three generations to destroy our public schools and produce citizens who are not only uninformed, but deliberately misinformed.

PS: Over thirty years ago, I was personally involved in an incident of a black college freshman from the formerly elite Boston Latin high school who deliberately faked a series of racial slurs complete with feces smeared on his dorm room door. He confessed after suffering a breakdown because he couldn't keep up with his classes. In those days, AA admissions were expected to keep up with their course work -- of course, that's changed now that we have been told that blacks can't do math or learn English grammar, so class work has been adjusted accordingly.

:-( Sorry for the long screed -- but it's a subject that sticks in my craw.

erp said...

More Teachers' union teachers in action.

Bret said...


Oops, I got taken in by haircut guy. I guess that shows where my bias lies - I really don't like antifa. I've now deleted the reference from the post.

Younger generations are almost always worrying as far as I can tell. Hopefully, they'll figure it out before they grow into their adult places in civilization. My guess is that they will. I hope I'm right.