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Monday, January 22, 2018

Still Heading Towards Civil War

Instapundit linked to "Schumer's shutdown reveals: Democrats will destroy America just to spite Trump." While hyperbolic, it's not enough of an exaggeration for comfort. While probably not willing to "destroy" America, I think many Democrats would be willing to cause damage to all of America if it inflicted severe pain on Red America.

And I'm virtually certain many republicans would happily damage America if it inflicted sufficient pain on Democrats. Indeed, that's at least part of what the election of Trump was. Perhaps Trump hasn't actually damaged all of America as much as might've been expected, but prior to his election, I definitely got the feeling that a lot of Trump voters supported him believing that it was quite likely he was going to be like Samson and pull the entire temple that is America down, but it was worth it because it would damage Democrats and the elite.

So there are a substantial number of people on both sides who are willing to sustain damage and pain if only it hurts the other side more. That's really not a good situation, especially if it festers for decades. Someday, the Left and the Right of the United States will be just like the Palestinians and the Jews, forever at each others' throats and forever killing each other with no possible solution.

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Clovis e Adri said...

I guess that, contrary to Israel-Palestine, in America it is unlikely you will have one side so much weaker than the other.

That makes a difference because, like in the old days of cold war, mutually assured destruction keeps it from getting too hot.

Bret said...

That's a good point. Would that mean more of a series of coups? Or a single coup where the controlling party really puts their boot on the throat of the opposition?

Maybe neither of those, but it's not terribly healthy in any case.

Clovis e Adri said...

As yourself pointed out in my other post, coups tend to not happen too easily in a place so heavily armed as the US. You will find plenty of guns among Blue America too.

Your institutions have been pretty solid against coups for the last 200+ years, I don't think that will change too soon.

More likely, you will suffer ever more the damage that comes from one administration making its main objective to undo the policies of the last one - it makes for a schizofrenic society. Up to now, the damages have been internal, but all the Russia thing shows it can easily grow to hinder US standing in the world at the long run...