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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Wanna bet?

Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future.

Yet, I will risk making a few here, so we can check back later what I got right.

I predict that:

- D. Trump will keep firing people from twitter.

- Russians will keep turning up dead for mysterious reasons (yep, today another one).

- To the delight of Italians, the Azurri will make it to the 2018 World Cup even after not qualifying. I bet they will be the ones selected after England withdraws their team over its Russian friends turning up dead. Italians are looking for an entrance anyway possible! Maybe they are the ones poisoning Russians in order to incriminate Putin, it is a devious plan: and Trump knows Putin is innocent, and that's why he fired Rex - or that's my own conspiracy theory after reading this Atlantic piece.

- Brazil will lose the worldcup again, though I hope in less shame than before. (OK, this one is easy, but I had to hedge in case I get all the other ones above wrong.)

If you have predictions too, try it at the comments section!


Peter said...

Sure, I'll play.

A) The impasse on gun control begins to crack when the GOP congressional caucus announces it will support a ban on the private ownership of handheld nuclear-tipped Stinger missiles.

B) After facing seventy years of implacable hostility, Israel finally discovers the key to peace in the Middle East

C) Brazilian hopes of redemption soar as their team makes the World Cup final, but are crushed when the Brazilian side, completely terrified by this, loses 9-0 to Iceland.

D) Facebook and Twitter both file for bankruptcy when social media collapses in general incomprehensibility over pronouns.

E) A new spirit of bipartisanship begins in Washington after both sides pledge to blame all of America's problems on Russia.

F) Alarmed by his unpresidential behavior, President Trump's advisers and cabinet arrange an intervention, which they jocularly refer to as a "Come to Jesus" moment. The President responds by saying Jesus was a loser who should be coming to him.

G) With great excitement, scientists at CERN announce that their recent experiments have finally "unlocked the mysteries of the universe", but most media outlets decline to cover the story in favor of in-depth coverage of the final episode of Dancing With the Stars.

H) Men finally respond to the #MeToo movement with a Twitter campaign recounting their own tales of woe, called #IWasWronged.

I) Frustrated to near-madness, climate scientists at the IPCC announce we will all drown before the end of summer unless we finally listen to them and do what they say. The reaction is a spike in sales of do-it-yourself ark construction kits.

J) President Trump secures a peace treaty with a denuclearized North Korea. The Dems oppose it categorically, fearing their 2020 losses will be orchestrated by North Korean bots.

Clovis e Adri said...


LOL! Hard to decide which one is best, so I will take B, C and I. And F. Gosh, I take them all.

Bret said...

I think Peter's (C) wins hands down. I might've voted for (F) but I wouldn't be surprised if that happened already. There seems to already be a tacit bipartisan agreement on (E). Lastly, (D) did also make me laugh out loud.

I haven't thought of any good predictions. Yet. I predict I will though! :-)

Clovis e Adri said...

Hey, my first prediction just got confirmed:

“I am pleased to announce that, effective 4/9/18, @AmbJohnBolton will be my new National Security Advisor. I am very thankful for the service of General H.R. McMaster who has done an outstanding job & will always remain my friend. There will be an official contact handover on 4/9,” Trump tweeted.

That was easy :-)

Bret said...

Wow, you're good!

Got any stock tips? :-)

Clovis e Adri said...

Oh yes, I do: don't trade stocks :-)