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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Bret's New Year's Resolutions

Merry New Year and Happy 2006 and all that!!!

Here are my New Year's resolutions:
  1. I will quit smoking for another year (till December 31st, 2006 at 6:00 PM to be exact). I've done this resolution successfully for the last 26 years. Before that, I wasn't able to quit forever, since, being a goal oriented kinda guy, I wouldn't know that I succeeded until I was dead. So I quit for a year at a time instead.
  2. I'm in shape. Round is a shape, isn't it? Nonetheless, I'll strive to work toward a different shape. While I realize that "cut up" and "lean" are shapes that are out of reach, I'm thinking I can achieve something more modest - perhaps "oval", for example.
  3. I will wish for Peace on earth and good will towards men and women: even for those I don't like; even those who are corrupt world leaders and politicians; even if it kills me. I know that wishing has little impact, but that's the best I can muster up at the moment.
  4. I will help more around the house. Since it would be nearly impossible for me to help less, sheer random chance means I'm likely to succeed at this one.
Well, that's all for this year. Here's my favorite list of New Year's resolutions I've seen so far.

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