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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Coming to terms with The Gipper

Newsweek Editor's Book Review: Establishment Now Admits Reagan's Greatness

Atleast that's how Tim Graham characterizes things here and the review can be found here on the ggsupplement.

Meacham began by telling a story about former Treasury Secretary and Chief of Staff Don Regan realizing he was an idiot to underestimate Reagan as not very smart. But that's very much the way the liberal media treated Reagan from his arrival on the national scene until he began his descent into Alzheimer's in 1994.

...what Meacham is really admitting in this review is that Reagan was much more complicated than the Gipper of liberal media mythology.

After the Reagan presidency my questioning of the conventional wisdom and elite opinion really grew!


Oroborous said...

What the Reagan Presidency did for me was to show me that organized evil does exist among the governments of the world, that it could be defeated, and that we didn't have to just accept it.

If I had been old enough to have fought in WW II, I might have learned the same then.

Before Reagan I was very much a "can't we all just get along" type of person, and after Reagan, I was much more of a hawk.
I'd rather avoid fighting, but if they choose to fight, then let it be to the death.

Bret said...

I'm a better to die fighting than live on your knees kind of guy. Obviously far better still to do neither, but that's not always a choice.