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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Quadrocopters Juggling Inverted Pendulums

This is incredible - quadrocopters autonomously throwing and catching poles (inverted pendulums):

With all the talk about the use of drones to kill terrorists and the debate whether or not to use them within the boundaries of the United States, it seems odd to me that no one considers that this technology forms the basis for personal drones. In about ten years, for a few hundred dollars, anyone will be able to build an incredibly maneuverable autonomous drone that will be able to find and destroy a target.

Technology is wonderful but dangerous.

HT: Marginal Revolution


Harry Eagar said...

You don't have to wait. a friend of mine is the local agent for a helicopter toy with virtual reality glasses that can operate movie cameras.

The most expansive part is the glasses. I believe his price is around $4000 for the deluxe model

Bret said...

At $4,000, I'll have to wait at least a little bit. :-)