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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oh Good! Another Excuse... do what I would've done anyway - eat a lot of chocolate:
Science edged closer on Sunday to showing that an antioxidant in chocolate appears to improve some memory skills that people lose with age.


Clovis e Adri said...

To this day, I don't remember meeting another person that, like myself, doesn't like chocolate.

But maybe that's just my faulty memory.

Bret said...

But it's science so you'll need to learn to like it.

Actually, never mind, all the more for me!

Peter said...

Science may like to think it is edging closer to something, but it's really chasing it's tail, our science is. I can't think of one food or food group that science hasn't both warned me off of and encouraged me to consume at different times in my life.

Except the vegetables, of course. To be human is to go through life hearing the voices of our mothers nagging us repeatedly to eat our damn vegetables.

Clovis e Adri said...

Yeah, I think the main point of nutrition "science" is to let us feeling guilty no matter what.

Nowadays the culprit is carbohydrate. I don't like Chocolate, but I love bread, all kinds of bread. Still, I am supposed to feel more guilty now eating bread than Bret eating chocolate.

I wouldn't mind so much about any of it, if nowadays there weren't all sort of food nazis minding other people businesses.

I need to look around before giving a cookie to my kid, least some anti-sugar police comes up with some smart comment...