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Saturday, September 26, 2015

On the history of politics and race in the U.S.

In light of the popularity of so many gratuitous and false allegations of racism in public discourse these days, I present:

Pin the Tale on the Donkey: Democrats' Horrible Racist Past | Bill Whittle


Harry Eagar said...

So, he starts off telling a lie. I used that little button to skip forward to about 6 spots, and in each he was telling a lie.

I wonder if this old video shows up here in response to an actual historically informed post somebody put up the other day?

Howard said...

Calling truths lies is an expected response to this, especially if "you can't handle the truth."

Harry Eagar said...

It was a lie he started with though, and anyone who follows politics would know instantly that it was a lie.

He said Democrats have worked successfully to keep citizens from knowing the history of the party.

Recall Robert Byrd's retirement interview, when he said that every time he gave an interview he was asked about his membership in the Klan, though he had repudidated that more than 40 years earlier?

Recall how Rand Paul covered himself with shame a couple years ago when he patronizingly opened a speech to black college students by asking if any of them knew that it was the Republican Party that passed the Emancipation Proclamation? He expected them to be surprised.

Surprise, Rand! They all knew about it.

So when a pundit starts out by insulting the intelligence of his audience by telling a ridiculous fable, you can imagine I was not disposed to waste a lot of time with him. But I gave him a chance.

It didn't get any better. But, hey, if your target is low-information voters, why bother about easily ascertainable facts? You know they won't check.