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Monday, February 02, 2004

It's About Time

Looks like we're going to a least try to do something regarding our intelligence failures (from the Washington Times):
The executive order the president will sign this week will direct the commission to take a "broad look at our intelligence, particularly related to weapons of mass destruction," the official said. "It will look at Iraq, but it will be more broad than that.

"There are outlaw regimes and closed societies that seek to conceal their conduct through deception and denial, and the president believes that it is important for our country to have a bipartisan review, because the global intelligence challenges that we face are new, are more complex and are more difficult," the official said.

The probe will look back ˜ possibly as far as previous administrations ˜ but will also be "forward looking," with an eye toward coming up with solutions for what appear to be major intelligence failures leading up to the Iraq war.
Whether or not you think Bush intentionally lied regarding WMDs in Iraq, this is still a good thing.

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