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Friday, March 05, 2004

Howie's Reading List for Jim

I haven't read any of the three books Howie is recommending for Jim's "tremendous angst." I've read several articles by both Wanniski and Gilder. I don't generally disagree with what they've said in those articles, but I personally find their tone overly confident and partisan and the data too sparse to give me much confidence in what they have to say. Perhaps their books are more objective than their articles. I'm skeptical, however, given that the title of Wanniski's book is "The Way the World Works." I find it hard to believe that anyone can describe the way the world works in a mere 300 pages or so. Nonetheless, I see they have pretty good reviews and the authors can tell a pretty good story (which I'm told is a powerful way to "leverage" ideas), so the books may well be a pretty good read.

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