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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Boots Bails on Blogging

That's too bad. I thoroughly enjoyed Jim's input and have the utmost respect for him. However, if the benefits of participating are insufficient for Jim, I certainly support his decision to end his participation in this blog. On the other hand, he's obviously welcome to return in the future if he so chooses.

I don't find Jim's perspective off-kilter. We're both Democrats and are voting for Kerry. We agree on drug policy, almost completely agree on what things government should spend money on, and agree on a variety of other things. I find it much more interesting to discuss topics where I don't agree with others so our differences have been accentuated.

I will certainly continue to blog. I thoroughly enjoy writing and the blog allows me to organize and archive my thoughts.

I am also contemplating recruiting other participants. We'll see who I can dig up over time.

Stay tuned!

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