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Monday, September 27, 2004

Never Mind

I've given up trying to convince people to vote for Kerry. His campaign has, in my opinion, been poorly run, and I'm not interested in investing energy in something that's not reasonably well done. In addition, the Bush hating left has made it even worse as David Frum explains:
In politics as in retailing, you never argue with the customer. If the polls are accurate, the American people perceive George W. Bush as a upright and honorable man. On the other hand, they don't much like his economic policies, and they worry that he may be too much of a risk-taker in foreign affairs.

A smart political operation would work on those pre-existing weaknesses. It wouldn't waste time trying to convince an incredulous public that the genial likeable man they see on television is in reality the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler.

This is exactly the problem. I've heard so many people on the left exclaim how stupid everyone is who doesn't realize that Bush is worse than Hitler. Maybe, but it's at least as stupid not to focus your efforts on exploiting Bush's existing weaknesses instead of berating swing voters for not hating him. The Bush hating left has now set the stage to make it very, very difficult for Kerry to come back.

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