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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Another giant sheds the mortal coil - Peter Drucker R.I.P.

As noted here and here:

Peter F Drucker, known as the 'father of modern management', died at his home in Claremont, California on Friday.

Drucker was considered a visionary for making management a field of study and his recognition that dedicated employees are key to the success of any organisation, a concept that he began proposing during the 1950's.

His work spanning over seven decades has helped many corporations and educational institutions across the world.

A journalist, teacher and business consultant, Drucker has authored more than 35 books. According to him, "Management deals with people, their values, their growth and development, social structure, the community and even with spiritual concerns."

Although a few years younger than F.A. Hayek, Peter Drucker emerged from the same intellectual hot-house, early 1900's Vienna. A truly great thinker who will be missed!

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