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Friday, February 10, 2006

Yet Another Thing to Consider...

... when naming your child. My older daughter's name is Cassia. It means cinnamon (well, actually it means "any of the coarser varieties of cinnamon bark," but close enough).

Oddly enough, when Cassia goes to log in to various Internet kids' sites (games and/or learning type sites), her name is often rejected because "it contains an inappropriate word." When she told me this, I didn't believe her, but then she showed me some examples. Those sites wouldn't accept names like "Lassie" either, while "Casia" (with one 's') was no problem.

So, it seems that because the sequence of letters 'a' 's' 's' appear in Cassia's name, her name is "inappropriate." How absurd. Now she's all bummed out about her name.

Should I sue these sites for causing great emotional trauma to my daughter? That would be the American way, wouldn't it?

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