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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Everyday is Father's Day

When I was a kid and wondered why there was a Mother's Day and a Father's Day but no Children's Day, my mother would always quip, "because every day is Children's Day." And while intellectually I could understand that I was lucky as a child to be me, it never actually felt that way since I'd always just been me and didn't know how it might feel if I'd been born into some other situation. So I never really felt as though every day really was Children's Day.

This particular Father's Day was a somewhat typical Sunday for me. I had to go into the office in the morning to catch up on a few things. The afternoon was filled with honey doos (my wife points out that I'm not her father so she doesn't need to cut me any slack on Father's Day and she needed me to get some things done). The evening was filled with cooking dinner and getting the kids to bed. The one bit of specialness was that I was served tea and chocolate truffles in bed this morning complete with hand made Father's Day cards. Tea and chocolate truffles are always a good thing. Very nice!

Fortunately, my inability to appreciate being a lucky child has not precluded me from appreciating being a lucky father. My daughters bring me such overwhelming joy, day in, day out, year in, year out, that on Father's Day, I usually reflect just how lucky I am to be their father.

For me, every day is Father's Day, and I love it.

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