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Friday, August 29, 2008

Everything Else Palin' by Comparison


I'm finding the buzz around McCain's VP pick astounding. I've seen more email and blog traffic on this subject than on anything other topic for months. I've gotten emails from left wing friends that I haven't heard from in eons (they hate her, of course). A fairly left wing egroup that I subscribe to (another group of friends) had dozens of posts regarding Palin (yes, they hate her too, but there was no way they were going to vote for McCain anyway). Compare this to the complete lack of interest in Joe Biden.

She's not my type (for example, she thinks Creationism should be taught in schools, which is a bit beyond the palin for me), but there's no doubt in my mind that McCain's campaign is getting huge publicity from his surprising pick, and as a result, I think it was an impressively good roll-of-the-dice. It may not work in the end, but hey, it's worth the shot.


erp said...

Bret, compared to other things kids are taught in school, teaching Creationism is pretty small potatoes.

She appears a bit too goody two-shoes, but again compared the Obama/Biden, she's reason and sanity personified.

Cautious optimism?

Anonymous said...

And, from what I can see, that claim about Palin and Creationism is a Dowdification of what she actually said.

Howard said...

Yes, a bit of a gamble but I actually think she is a fairly impressive person. She has more executive experience than Obama and Biden combined. Plus, you've got to love a basketball player nicknamed The Barracuda for her defensive prowess. This is really fun!

Bret said...

aog, What did she actually say?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure, as there are multiple quotes going around. But the most complete quote had as its gist that discussion of Creationism should not be automatically banned in a classroom. I am fine with that, personally, and I think it's quite a long way from "Creationism should be taught".

I also agree with erp that support for Creationism ranks very low on my list of unacceptable policies for candidates for political office and so even if Palin did explicitly support, it would bother me far, far less than Obama's clear support for Socialism.

Howard said...

aog, would bother me far, far less than Obama's clear support for Socialism.

amen brother!


Answer to your question here and associated links. Good material here and here. Good article on Palin and McCain campaign here. All worth the time...

Bret said...

When I say she's not my type, I don't think that Palin is bad or that her positions traumatize me or anything.

She's just seems a bit too over zealous for my tastes, that all. She won't make me any less likely to vote for McCain.