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Friday, May 01, 2009

I Think Hayek Would Agree

The Road to Serfdom is best enjoyed in a Chrysler! Or a GM product.

(HT: Jeff via comments in a Vodkapundit post)


blog editor said...
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erp said...

Bret, pop over to the VC for a F.A. Hayek happy 110th birthday celebration post by Ilya Somin. Check the comments on his post last year, so far this string is pretty Kool-aid free.

I'm reading Thomas Sowell's, "A Conflict of Visions." It's interesting in that he sees the situation a little differently, but in the end, it's the "Know It Alls" who need to tell us exactly how things should be against the "Go With the Flow People" who want to let things evolve with the least amount of interference from the "Know It Alls."

BTW - We have enjoyed driving our platinum 1995 Chrysler Concorde for the past 14 years. It drives like a dream and is far more comfortable than the MB's and Jags owned by our kids -- better looking too. Our mechanic despairs of us putting any more money into replacing parts, but every so often we look at other cars and don't see anything we like better (other than Hummers of course and they won't fit into our garage).

erp said...

I don't understand why pictures don't work in Blogger. Trying again. 1995 Chrysler Concorde

Bret said...


You're well positioned, then, to enjoy the Road to Serfdom, though I think at this point, a new GM (Government Motors) car would be somewhat better.

What I see in many blog and other conversations is that two disagreeing parties are making reasonably rational arguments taken alone, but when combined become utterly nonsensical because each side has such different worldviews. What I like about Sowell's book is that he starts with those worldviews and applies them to commonly debated themes. I, at least, found Sowell's book very helpful.

erp said...

Helpful in understanding the passing parade or helpful understanding your own mind? I started off in high school agreeing with Voltaire, not Rousseau and haven't changed my mind much since then especially since events along the way proved that it was a good choice.

Sowell does show how many of the same people are on opposite sides of seemingly divergent issues, but when analyzed, most issues can be boiled down to the same freedom vs control.

Bret said...

The most helpful in explaining to others why they can't seem to understand what their opponent in a discussion is saying (or why they think their opponent is immoral).