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Monday, July 13, 2009

Text Message: Your Time's Up

This is kinda cool: the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) is deploying new technology to warn people about incoming rocket attacks:
Code Red (early warning radar system) to your cellular device? This will become a reality two years from now, according to the plans of the Home Front Command. For the past year, the IDF Home Front Command has been working on warning civilians of rocket attacks via cellular devices. [...]

The Cellular Broadcasting Technology works according to the device's location. When a warning about a missile attack is received in a certain area, a warning message will be sent to whoever is in the zone.
Whereas this will clearly be very useful in Israel as soon as it's ready, I think it will be readily adopted in the United States as well given the proliferation of nuclear missiles to regimes such as North Korea. I expect the text message will look something like:
A nuclear missile will land in your vicinity in the next 90 seconds. Please go indoors, sit on a chair away from any windows, place your head firmly between your legs -- and kiss your ass goodbye!
At least we'll have some warning.

(HT: Israel Matzav)

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