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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Let's Play Guess the Year and Party

The following is an excerpt from the congressional record of a Senate floor debate.  Can you guess the year?  Or at least the decade?  Or at least the century?  How about the political party of the two Senators (hint: they're both from the same party)?
SENATOR 1. Another untoward situation that confronts the American producer is that machinery which we have perfected in this country, the best machinery in the world, is now available in every part of the world, and the people of other nations can use our machinery and produce as great a volume as we can at very much cheaper wages. 
SENATOR 2. Because they pay to their laborers engaged in the manufacture of [various items] about one-tenth of what is paid the American laborer. 
SENATOR 1. Exactly. . . 
SENATOR 2. . . . The great trouble that we are to meet, the great trouble that we shall be forced to face in this country sooner or later-and the time is almost here now-is how are we, under heaven, to be able to continue to maintain the high standards of living that we have maintained for the laboring men of this country?
It's amazing how the debate never changes!


erp said...

... that's because it isn't the senate's job to maintain a laborer's standard of living. That's the job of the private sector and the sooner we return to that economic model, the better off we'll all be.

Bret said...


What's your guess for the year of the Senate debate? And which party are the Senators from?

erp said...

The language is pre-technological revolution and I guess they must be Republicans or you wouldn't be asking the question and given the disgraceful RINO go-along-to-get alongs in congress for the last 50+ years, it could be during the Nixon or Kennedy years -- maybe even Ike, but if I were betting my own money, I'd put it on my boy, Ron. The only president in my lifetime of whom I could be unabashedly proud.

Susan's Husband said...

I'll guess 1890's, Democratic Party.

Bret said...

erp: right century, wrong decade, wrong party. I agree there haven't been two many good presidents, but you didn't like Ike?

SH: wrong century, right party.

The thing is, it could've been any of those times too. Except for the different language, it could also be now. The same mistaken argument over and over and over.

erp said...

Hey, no fair! Dems always talk that way, so it wouldn't have been notable.

I liked Ike (voted for him in my first ever vote) over Adlai fur shur. He built on Truman's work in civil rights and had Kennedy not been shot and that cretin Johnson put into office, the civil rights movement might have been a force for good instead of a force for affirmative action and entitlements culminating in the abomination of Obama et al.

I like like Bush a lot too. My problem with him is he was naive and tried to extend his hand to the left thinking they, like him, wanted what's best for the country. He knew that politics is the art of the possible and compromise is necessary, but he learned soon enough that isn't how the left thinks.

I also like his philsosophy which I share of not caring who gets the credit (or the blame) as long as the job gets done.

Tomorrow will be the tell. How do you think Roberts will go? I didn't trust him when he was nominated and now I fear the worst.

erp said...

It's so tedious always being right, especially when you wish you would be proven wrong.

Bret said...

You're right, but I wonder if you had predicted the direction of the opnion? In short, that the mandate is just a tax, and that it is NOT allowed under the commerce clause.

erp said...

No. My eyes glaze over when details of constitutional law are discussed.

I have only a superficial knowledge of the legal issues of the past 150 years.
My issue with Roberts wasn't that he didn't know the law or couldn't figure out what he should do, I didn't like Roberts' body language in the pictures when he was nominated, especially those with Bush. In fact, Obama's smile is very similar -- supercilious while trying unsuccessfully to be modest about his obvious superiority.

It wouldn't surprise me if Roberts stayed under the radar until the right time to do something spectacularly beneficial for his fellow elitists.

Tribe said he was confident that his student at HLS would do the right thing and for the first time in history, I agreed with that little creep,