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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Voting Recommendation

I know you've been waiting for this monumental moment - the moment when I give my recommendation as to which candidate you should vote for to be the next president of the United States.

What's that?  You weren't waiting for this moment?  That this moment might come hadn't even crossed your mind?


Well, in that case I won't give an explicit recommendation, just some ideas to consider.

First and foremost: RELAX!!!!!

Regardless of who wins, the economy is NOT going to suddenly rocket forward, the oceans are NOT going to stop rising, the planet will NOT begin to heal, and the problems of the world will NOT suddenly be resolved.  The president has very little real influence on any of these things as they are far bigger and more complex than anyone can understand, much less control in any sort of predictable fashion.

Second, be careful what you wish for.  For those of you who are sure that the world will end if your candidate doesn't win, what happens if he does win and the economy continues to suck and the world continues to fall apart for the next four years?  Then what?  Won't the brand of your preferred candidate's party be badly or even irreparably damaged?  I think there is some serious downside for the winning party - more so than in any other election in my lifetime.

Third, if you live in a State where the result is already known (like California that will go to Obama no matter what and Kansas that will go to Romney no matter what), why not consider a 3rd party candidate?  It's true that the 3rd party candidates are usually pretty lame but you're not really voting for the candidate, you're showing interest in alternatives to the main parties.  And sometimes the candidates are almost plausible.  For example, Gary Johnson, this election's libertarian candidate, was a State governor (New Mexico) and could almost be an okay President.

Fourth: RELAX!!!!  Oh, did I say that already?


Hey Skipper said...

Third, if you live in a State where the result is already known (like California that will go to Obama no matter what …

Despite having grown up in CA, I am continually mystified that the electorate seems so relentlessly intent on beating Greece to the finish line, despite it being a place no one wants to go.

Bret said...

Definition of California:

un·gov·ern·a·ble   [uhn-guhv-er-nuh-buhl]; adjective

impossible to govern, rule, or restrain; uncontrollable.

Solution: split into multiple states (North, South, and Central).

Bret said...

Slightly more seriously.

North and South Californians dislike each other.

Coastal and Inland Californians absolutely hate, despise, and are revolted by each other and would do anything possible to screw each other. And they're succeeding at screwing each other. And happy about their success in screwing each other.

Not a good situation and there's no solution. That enmity will drive California across the finish line to collapse ahead of Greece.

Anonymous said...

We'll see. I think the regionalism ballot initiative will stave off the collapse for several years at the cost of making it even nastier. If that passes then Illinois will win the race.

Hey Skipper said...

What if the CA constitution was changed to require only a simple majority to pass a budget?

I wasn't particularly aware of regional antagonism, but even if true, the gradations between say, San Francisco and LA are so gradual I think the boundary would be impossible to find.

Susan's Husband said...


Regionalism isn't about SF vs. LA. It's about broke cities looting the prosperous suburbs.

Hey Skipper said...

Just like Detroit and its suburbs. Remember Coleman Young?