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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

That's Why the Chicks Swarm All Over Me!

Via BrothersJudd, apparently "Holding A Guitar Makes You More Attractive".  There's me with a guitar below (on the cover of my Let's Party album).  What do you think?  Is it true? Does holding a guitar make a guy irresistible?

I had written early at my surprise at seeing my CD available on eBay.  In searching for the above picture (I think I've lost the original "art"), I found that it's also available on Amazon and a slew of other sellers.  I wonder if anyone has actually sold one?  Should I write myself a fantastic review?  Or a scathing one?

My other album, which I consider to be a lot better, is still only available at (right where I left it).  I'm guessing that the Let's Party title is more catchy which is why it has shown up other places, though it may just be that the overlap of what I think is good and what other people like might be very small.


Hey Skipper said...

Is it true? Does holding a guitar make a guy irresistible?

Depends on the guy.

I would look nearly as resistible holding a guitar as holding an aardvark.

Bret said...

That's a good point. In the survey, the guy who went around asking for phone numbers was probably quite good looking to start with, so the guitar was just an enhancement. For the rest of us the guitar may not make much difference.

Bret said...

Also, I think I've figured out why album 1 is showing up at various retailers, but not album 2.

Album 1 came out first and I met someone who was interested in selling them (supposedly) and he had some good ideas about how to do that. So I sent him off with 100 CDs. Well, he was a flake (what a surprise in the music business :-), I didn't see him again for years, and when I ran into him again he was a cab driver and had no recollection of the CDs. Well, maybe he got a few of them out there after all.

Good for him!