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Monday, July 22, 2013


This is this blogs 1,000th published post.  It's also more or less the ten-year-anniversary of this blog (the first post was in September, 2003).

The name "Great Guys" was a joke among eight friends from college. The blog was started to help coordinate annual get-togethers and to provide a forum for continuing discussions from those get-togethers.  The get-togethers still happen every year.

At least one of the Great Guys never posted anything at all.  Three of us posted regularly for about a year.  Those were some interesting posts since the third regular poster was quite liberal, while Howard and I are, ummm, well, decidely less liberal/progressive/left-wing/statist/collectivist/etc. and too much less so for blogger #3 to continue so he dropped out.  That's unfortunate, because he provided balance to Howard's and my perspectives.

Averaging 2 posts per week for 10 years feels like decent output and decent staying power.  I'm likely to continue for several reasons:
  • I enjoy the debates that many of my posts seem to stimulate
  • It's a great way to keep in practice with writing and I find when I write proposals they go a lot faster and easier when I've been blogging
  • It provides a way for me to organize my thoughts and think about things and I hope it does the same for at least some of my readers
I think Howard, who has become the infrequent co-blogger will probably continue at his current rate as well.

Well, at 1,000 posts per decade, I'm hoping to hit a 5,000 post (I'll be 94 then), but surely we'll see number 2,000 one day?

Many thanks to our loyal readers for all their support and feedback!


erp said...

Glad to hear you'll still be here. Having you guys to bounce things off has been great fun for me.

Hey Skipper said...

Agreed. I have also learned a lot. Quite the coincidence that GGW hit 1,000 at nearly the same time TDD did.

Bret said...

Yeah, that is a coincidence. I was actually trying to space things out so that the 1,000th post would be on exactly the 10 year blogiversary, but there was just too much to write about.

You guys started a bit more than a year after us, but when the four of you were all posting regularly, your volume was a lot higher, so you passed us - barely. And we've both crept passed the 1,000 mark.

I'm guessing I'll average 3 posts a month and that Howard will, in the long run, average 1 post a month.