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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Klavan on the culture and the arts

"The arts, naturally, inherently, by nature support the conservative view of man. They cannot help, left to themselves, produce a view of a spiritual people with a right to choose for themselves"

So concludes Andrew Klavan in a very funny and insightful speech.  Notes of some key points provided here for those who don't do video.

In light of his description of the speech as being about "sex and German philosophy," the following excerpt from a recent post seems relevant:
 A few years later, Nietzsche came along to proclaim that Duty was an illusion fostered by the Judaeo-Christian "slave morality." Nietzsche was not taken seriously until the period after World War II—a war that Hitler lost but that German philosophy won.

Today, in our academic and intellectual circles, Nietzsche and his disciple, the Nazi sympathizer, Martin Heidegger, are almost unanimously regarded as the two philosophical giants of the modern era. It is important to understand that their teachings are subversive, not only of bourgeois society and the Judaeo-Christian tradition, but also of secular humanism, secular rationalism, bourgeois morality—and, in the end, of Western Civilization itself.
 (body of speech runs until 23:00, philosophy starts around 15:30)

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Harry Eagar said...

Neitchzche and Heidegger are regarded as the giants? Where does he get that?