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Monday, March 17, 2014

Oh The Possibilities!

One of my facebook friends posted the following:
Sitting next to a woman in Starbucks with her toddler and I overhear her say "Yes, someday you will marry a nice woman." 
How sad. Not only is she not allowing for the fact that maybe her son is gay and might marry a man [...]
I started to chuckle as I imagined the poor woman trying to explain the full range of LGBT options to her toddler: "Someday you might marry a nice woman - or a man, or you might have a sex-change operation in which case you could still marry either the man or the woman but it would be a little different, or by the time you grow up anti-polygamy laws will probably be repealed in which case you could marry one of each, or two of each, or heck, go for a dozen of each, and you could live on a sheep farm and..."  I don't know, but given the complexity of possibilities and the fact that even where gay marriage is allowed there are still one-hundred times as many hetero marriages as gay ones, I can't blame the woman for playing the odds and keeping the explanation as simple as possible. Hopefully, if the toddler does end up gay, he'll not be forever traumatized by this one conversation with his mom.

I'll be you all can quickly guess which city in the United States this woman lives in.


Bret said...

I'm back! I missed you all.

I'll try to post something with a little more meat shortly.

Skipper, I was expecting a post on the missing plane from you by now?!?

erp said...

Bret, glad you're back and hope all your ventures turned out splendidly.

Skipper, I too have been waiting for the definitive word on the missing plane.

Peter said...

I wonder whether San Francisco seniors can be overheard saying to their friends "I really wish Sean and Bill would get married and adopt me a grandchild."

Clovis e Adri said...

Yeah, the main point she misses is that, were mothers all telling that to their toddlers, there would be no toddlers anymore. It is like the egg and chicken problem.

Bret said...

Yes, but I suspect some mothers somewhere will always produce enough toddlers to keep humanity going. Speaking of toddlers, how old is your kid?

Clovis e Adri said...


It is a nice coincidence your question came in the very same day he did 1 year. This weekend we are throwing a party for the boy :-)

On toddler production, I guess you say so based on that nice simulation you did some posts ago. I don't know if that simulation factors in some possible phase change induced by huge behavioral redistribution. And even taking that aside, your simulation clearly shows toddler production going down for a long time - which means it would get harder and harder to enter in a Starbucks and watch a mother talking to a toddler.

It was pretty rare to see kids in the streets when living in Germany, and I only realized so when I got back to Brazil.

erp said...

Happy Birthday to Clovis, jr. May he live long and prosper.

Bret said...

Yes, happy birthday to Andreas (I can't read Portuguese very well, but from your blog I'm guessing that's his name?)!

Hey Skipper said...

How sad. Not only is she not allowing for the fact that maybe her son is gay and might marry a man.

The progressive pretentious preening is truly an amazing thing to behold.

Are there any parents out there, no matter how morally superior to the rest of us, who hope that the eventual fact is that sons will be gay and marry a man?

C'mon, all of you, stand up.

Just as I suspected.

Clovis e Adri said...

Yes Bret, Andreas is my little guy.

And Skipper, stop trashing all "progressives" around, some of us are not fruitcakes!

I have the feeling most progressives friends I have would kick me out of the club just for saying that, that bunch of fruitcakes! :-)