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Monday, July 21, 2014

Hey Skipper hits the Blogging Big Time

Granted, not very hard or noticeably, but still.

From today's Best of the Web (regrettably, behind a paywall), courtesy of your humble and obedient servant:

Two Magazines in One!

"Mangroves are on the march. . . . From 1984 to 2011, mangrove forests doubled in size at the northern end of their Florida range. What's enticing the mangroves north? Fewer cold snaps. These days temperatures rarely dip below 25ºF, a vital threshold for the trees."--Rachel Hartigan Shea, National Geographic, July issue

"The future of goliaths is also tied up in those mangrove nurseries, where the fish live around the trees' tangled roots until they are about five years old. Coastal development, agriculture, and pollutants threaten these shallow-water habitats. The current trajectory suggests 20 percent losses of remaining U.S. mangroves in the next 50 years--devastating for young, developing goliaths, which are already reeling from unusually cold winters that took out thousands of the fish from their juvenile habitat throughout South Florida."--Jennifer Holland, National Geographic, July issue

When I read the magazine a few days ago, I got to the second mention of mangroves and did a "Wait. Huh? Wot? In the same issue? YGBSM."

For NatGeo, warmenism is a religion. They accept it so thoroughly, so uncritically, that it explains everything. As it is for the vast majority of their readership who — aside from those getting as a gift that which they would never buy — are progressives.

And as good progressives, they no doubt sneer at fundamentalist Christians, while being completely blind to their own fundamentalism: that which explains everything, explains nothing.


erp said...

Mangrove forests? YGBSM

Isn't that a bit sexist sir? I'd demand you to change that to persongrove forests.

One of the many things I like about this, using Bret's word which I like, forum, is that I learn so much, like the acronym above.

Never heard that one before. I guess kids don't use that one when communicating with their grandmothers. :-)

Peter said...

Perfectly logical, old chap. Warmenist theory is based on the underlying assumption the current climate (or whenever their ground zero was) is an ideal from which any change is a catastrophe. More mangroves, fewer mangroves, who cares? They both prove the ecosystem is pissed off.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Peter, you're missing the true essence of the double think powers belief in global warmening provides. It's not the mangroves so much as in one story it's warm temperatures as causation, and in the other cold temperatures as causation for the same plants in the same region. It's not just warmening anymore, it's hot and cold at the same time!

Bret said...

In case you didn't see the new climate modeling approach: :-)

erp said...

aog, confirming my definition of lefties as those who can hold opposite and opposing opinions at the same time.

erp said...
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