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Thursday, December 08, 2016

I Wonder If This Is Fake News?

Le jour où Donald Trump a sauvé ma fille

It says something nice about Trump, which means at minimum that no mainstream media outlet will print it, even if true. I'm not sure it's even been translated to English yet (use google translate if your French is as bad as mine).

And that's one of the biggest problems with the bias in the media. Since we know they wouldn't print this, even if true, we can't know what's fake and what's not. Since I can't think of a reason this French paper would make this story up (and/or not fact check it adequately), I think there's at least some chance that it's true.

Enjoy! Even if not true it makes a good story.


erp said...

It's a nice story, but not sensational or unique. Man sees child drowning, jumps in and brings her to shore. Shouts at adult who should have watched her more carefully.

Bret said...

Oh? How many drowning children have you saved lately? Ever? While on holiday?

To me the key sentence is this one: “Mr. Trump heard the screaming and saw the girl panicking. He ran into the water and saved my daughter’s life, and he was the only one to go, the only one to make the right decision at the right time.”

The only one to go, the only one to make the right decision.

erp said...

That part wasn't in the translation I read, but it doesn't change anything. I never was in a position where a child or an adult was drowning, but I was a good swimmer in my day and would like to think I would have given it my best shot if the occasion arose whether I was home or on holiday.

Odd that none of the others on beach jumped in to help and glad to know Trump made the right decision then and so far, I can't complain of the decisions he's made as President-elect and I have a suspicion that I'm going to like (a lot) the person he will name as SoS. ;-] In fact, if I'm right, I'll try to find a video of an old lady rolling around on the floor laughing aka Skipper's video above.

erp said...

Another random act of Trump kindness.

Hey Skipper said...


I think you are exaggerating media bias.

I think it likely that this actually happened -- after all, who makes this sort of thing up? -- and the media won't report it.

But that's only fair, because Hillary! came under sniper fire in Sarajevo -- after all, who makes this sort of thing up? -- and the media didn't report that, either.

Bret said...


Yeah that's quite a story too! Trump clearly has at least a bit of humanity inside him somewhere.

The biggest impact the story had on me was that Trump didn't use the fact about what he did for the black woman to deflect the barrage of (fake) criticism about him being racist and misogynist. That was my first question as I started to read - why not? The only explanation I can think of was given by the article - that he didn't want to disrupt her life. And boy, would've it! And she didn't look like she could've stood up to the nasty scrutiny of the left without having a complete breakdown.

In Judaism, there are levels of goodness in giving, with the highest level being completely anonymous giving. While this wasn't quite that (the woman knew who he was, for example), it was in the spirit of that since he could have used this charitable action for his benefit, yet did not, and it was anonymous in that sense.

I hope this story is real (not yet more fake news). If so, well done Mr. Trump!

Bret said...

Hey Skipper wrote: "...after all, who makes this sort of thing up?"

Well, I've come under sniper fire in Sarajevo too! Doesn't everybody? :-)

erp said...

I grew up living next door to Orthodox Jews who were the most saintly people I've ever met and learned about good deeds from them. Since then we've tried to do anonymous kindnesses, but since we've retired and scaled way back, we've been able to set up a little cache to use to give kids a little help.

I was a fairy tale addict as a kid and gives me intense pleasure to be a stand-in for the elves who did all those nice things for good children in those stories I so loved.