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Thursday, September 05, 2019

YASP (Yet Another Sunset Photo)

As usual, from my apartment. This time with a little foreground rain. No rainbow though.


erp said...

Very nice view.

We just spent the last two days at a local hotel to avoid Dorian's wrath. He was very polite and moved a little off shore, so we were spared the catastrophic results of his older sister Irma's visit two years ago.

Hope all is well the gg's.

Bret said...

Actually it seems to me that our best sunsets often align with hurricanes and their aftermath. Not sure why, maybe it's because the hurricanes spew so much moisture and energy into the upper atmosphere it affects weather (and therefore sunsets) thousands of miles away. So sorry you had to flee Dorian but at least there was some positive effect from it. :-)

This GG is fine. I just haven't thought of anything to write about lately but no doubt I'll come up with something eventually.

erp said...

Our son’s in-laws who live in Hemet said it’s been very untypically hot and humid up there in the high sierra. They didn’t blame Dorian, but maybe you hit on a correlation.

I’d support climate derangemency if they could guarantee all the hurricanes would be sent into the middle of the Atlantic.

BTW Capcha (sp) is at it again.