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Friday, January 09, 2004

Clearing the air

Jim states:

It will be convenient for Bush's re-election efforts in 2004 that the electorate (including Howie and Bret) cares almost exclusively about results, and not the way the results are achieved (nor even the potential long-term consequences).

Since I don't have the crystal ball which some people pretend to have, I have developed a rather extensive bag of tricks focused on decision making under uncertainty. It is a huge part of my work. What long-term consequences do you wish to give more than passing consideration?

Also, in the past I gave significantly more weight to principles over results. The previous adminstration, which I voted for, cured me of this naive view through their lack of principle. A more balanced weighting of principle and results is actually a good way to evaluate matters. It is appropriate for the complexity of the real world - the complexity which "pretenders" like to remind other people of ad nauseum.

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