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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

More fun than paint-by-numbers

Here is the game: choose the right width brush to paint a picture which allows you to blur or create whatever distinctions you wish...

Commercial fraud versus possible deception by a political leader. There are rules defining and prohibiting fraud but I'm not aware of such rules regarding political deception. Don't worry, just pick a wide enough brush and voila, any important distinctions go away. RULES, we don't need no stinkin' rules! Here is an added bonus for this round of the game. Since many of the great leaders in history were great masters of deception, we get a free pass to smear them(Lincoln, FDR, Churchill...). It gets even better. Next time a football team runs a reverse or a flea-flicker we can arrest the whole team or atleast throw the offense coordinator in jail for practicing deception. If people are concerned about political deception, they can vet the matter at the polls.

Next round. There are people in this country who are in jail for lying under oath about sex. You can't see the difference between lying UNDER OATH about sex and lying under oath about sex? Get with the program, pick a fine enough brush and you're all set!!

There are an infinite number of opportunities to play this game. You're only limited by your creativity.

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