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Saturday, September 24, 2005


Every week my older daughter's class at school has what is basically daddy show 'n' tell, where daddy (that'd be me) comes in and tries to be interesting to the kids in the class for twenty minutes or so. Being interesting to nine year olds is non-trivial. I brought in some robot components (McKibben pneumatic actuators, sometimes known as 'air muscles') and copies of my two rock 'n' roll CDs, one pair of CDs for each child.

The teacher listened to the CDs and decided they were inappropriate for the children and confiscated them (much to the dismay of my daughter). I probably should of thought of that ahead of time, but I've passed out these CDs to many of my daughter's classes and friends in the past and nobody had ever complained before. My CDs seem pretty tame to me, but I'll let those of you who have listened to them be the judge.

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