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Monday, September 19, 2005

Quote of the Day

Well, I don't really do a lot of "quotes of the day", but here's a quote I ran into a while back that I liked:
Writers on the Left also have a pechant for trying to make their philosophical arguments both complex and remote at the same time, as if writing something that tortures both the English language and the reader's ability to diagram the logic makes the argument an intelligent one all by itself. (John Lee, in a comment at Brothers Judd).
Admittedly, it's not only writers on the Left that have this problem, but rather most writers who cannot support a point by straightforward and simple logic.


johnt said...

"Omne ignatum pro magnifico". "Whatever is obscure is highly held." Tacitus. "Oh blessed simplicity,that seizes swiftly what cleverness,tired out in the service of vanity,may grasp but slowly". Newman,--I think. You want quotes I'll give you qoutes. Enough of academics and other obscurantists,whatever happened to Left2Right? Any ideas,information,hints?

Bret said...

Regarding Left2Right: Beat's me! As you know, I'm running to support the comments for the few posts that happened this summer, and I'll be quite happy to shut it down once they support their own comments again or we find they've given up (which, unless they're willing to keep at it for years, they might as well, because their goal is something that will take a very, very, very long time).

I think they read their email ( occasionally (since they fixed a trackback problem I had after I requested it), so feel free to ask them directly. If you do, please let me know what they say.

Once last question from me. I thought I remembered Velleman being at University of Michigan, but when I click on his link now, I see he's at NYU. Did he move or is my memory going?

johnt said...

Bret,tahanks for the response. Yes,God help us he moved to NYU. I say God help us because he will now be under the same roof with Thomas Nagel,co author of an abominable tome explaining how we hold our property by the favor of government. Who knows what will transpire if and when they put their heads together. After visiting a few of the liberal hellholes on the net I came to a deeper appreciation of L2R. Not just the hosts but the other bloggers were of a very high and challenging caliber. C'est la vie!