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Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Day After the 4th

Oy! My head hurts.

If the founders had even the tiniest bit of foresight and intelligence, they'd have signed the ol' declaration on "The 1st Friday in July" rather than on July 4th. I mean, what a stupid thing to do, to go an do somethin' that would lead to a hard partyin' holiday with a late night time focus in the middle of the work week. Think of all the economic damage that causes (not to mention general misery)! At least with New Years, the late night time focus is on the night before the holiday, giving everybody a whole day to recover.

And, if it was "The 1st Friday in July", we'd be able to really cut loose and celebrate. Though given the number of wrecks on the freeway I passed while driving home last night, it looked like at least some people had more than adequately cut loose for the occasion.

Nonetheless, I had a good Independence Day and I hope you did too.

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