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Monday, August 06, 2007

Pot Calls Kettle Black

I find it amusing when someone hysterically accuses someone else of being hysterical. This post by Dr. Sanity accuses this post of being a histrionic post, though the latter post seems to me to be calm, cool, and collected by comparison. The following are some of the more emotional quotes from Dr. Sanity's post interspersed with my admittedly snarky comments...

"...increasingly lunatic left..."

Increasingly? Seems like they've been maxed out for quite a while now.

"...self-indulgent and overly dramatic adolescent girl..."

My older daughter is one of those and I don't appreciate her being insulted by being compared with the "lunatic" left. She's much more rational than they are.

"...narcissistic left raises the decibel level of their pouts and whines..."

But what about the decibel level of Dr. Sanity's post? I had to put earplugs in for this one!

"None of the rhetoric has anything remotely to do with reality..."

Absolutely nothing? Oh come now, I'm sure at least an occasional sentence reflects reality.

"That particular emotional state essentially describes today's political left as they sonambulate..."

I rather doubt that the person was sleep walking when she wrote her post.

"For them, Bushitler is more dangerous than Bin Laden..."

This one is absolutely true and reflects reality perfectly. Here's my analysis. Since the 2001 attacks, about 1,000 people per year have died on average including those who died on 9/11 and everyone who's died in Iraq and Afghanistan. About 15,000 per year have died in automobile accidents, an activity that everybody engages in and nobody thinks twice about. So in comparison with typical activities such as driving, you're exceedingly unlikely to die in the "war" on terror. You're also exceedingly unlikely to die because of Bush. Since death is not much of a factor, it is true that Bush has helped roll back many of the programs and stopped much of the momentum of those on the Left. As a result, Bush objectively is much more dangerous to the goals and objectives and lifestyle of those on the Left than Bin Laden (who's probably dead anyway).

"psychological strategies ... [have] been recently taken to new heights by a certain segment of the population since 9/11..."

New heights? They were already at pretty dizzying heights. How do you measure the height anyway?

Several statements of the form "by using [psychological mechanism X], some people are able to convince themselves that [Y]..."

Sure, some people can convince themselves of anything. That doesn't mean we need to much worry about them. When I see a homeless guy rummaging through the garbage mumbling about how the world is against him, I feel pity, not fear.

Dr. Sanity parrots Leftist rhetoric: " is you! It is not they who are projecting, it is you! It is not they who fail to see the danger, it is you!"

Well, I admit I am rather unable to see the danger pointed out (incessantly) by the Left. However, I'm also rather unable to take them particularly seriously - at least not to the (to me) hysterical level of Dr. Sanity's post.

"It gets excessively wearisome..."

Good thing Dr. Sanity is such a trooper then!

I think the Dr. Sanity crowd is taking Leftist rhetoric way too seriously to the point of sounding a bit hysterical themselves.

I know, I know, they'll just claim I'm in denial. In that case, they need to explain to me why I'm not dead or living under a grand caliphate. Why my wife and daughters aren't wearing burkas. Why the economy continues to grow nicely in the midst of this "war". Etc.

They might reply that we're on our way there (and, of course, because of the lunatic left). However, the future is predicted reality, not objective reality.


Howard said...

I think the Doc makes many good points in her posts, but she has lost the ability to modulate.

Bret said...

She does make some good points.

However, her gig seems to be the following. She uses an appeal to authority (she's the authority, being a shrink and all) approach to launch ad hominem critiques of viewpoints she doesn't agree with. In other words, she basically says, "I'm a psychiatrist and I can tell you that anyone who makes a certain class of argument is clinically crazy so don't listen to them."

This last post by Dr. Sanity pointed to an article that I think was pretty coherent (even though I strongly disagree with the conclusions). By diagnosing the article as "histrionic", Dr. Sanity has greatly reduced her credibility in my eyes.

I've learned a couple things about psychological terms from her site, but now I'm wondering if they really mean anything.

erp said...

I think the good doctor used to be a liberal and perhaps because it's only relatively recently that she's noticed that her formerly held beliefs are irrational, it's more difficult for her than for those of us who've had a lifetime of being outraged by the left to sit back and calmly and unemotionally analyze the political scene.

Bret said...

Ahhh! That would explain everything.

Just like smokers who have quit recently are the most overly emotional and emphatic anti-smoking people, those who've quit the Left are nearly hysterical anti-Leftists.

Sound believable to me.