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Monday, November 19, 2007

Seeing more clearly

Over at Bizzyblog we find Top 5 Economic Myths in the US Today (with supporting links and material).
Myth Number 5. The “need” for universal health insurance, or at least near-universal insurance for children.

Myth Number 4. America is de-industrializing, and manufacturing is dying.

Myth Number 3. We are in a recession (not heading for one, actually IN one).

Myth Number 2. Most people are just scraping by.

And the Number 1 Economic Myth in the America Today Is ….. Income inequality is growing, the rich are getting richer, and they aren’t paying their fair share of taxes.
Just a little perspective.


Hey Skipper said...

Here is another myth:

The price changes due to the increasing cost of oil is inflation.

I'll let you assign the number.

erp said...

Re: Number Three. When beer sales go down, I'll start to worry.