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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hi Mom!

My youngest daughter (10) wrote "Hi Mom!" on her hand this morning. I hope she doesn't get in trouble for it at school.


erp said...
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erp said...

Over at the DD, Skipper wrote an excellent post about plane crashes in which says: Once upon up until about ten years ago, people wrote lots of checks, and they got flown, at night, in single engine planes, to clearing banks. That is how most civilian pilots got enough flight time to get hired at commuters, then move up to the Bigs.

In a comment, David makes the observation that the vagaries of life can't be predicted because something can come at you from out of left field (I tried to link directly to the comment, but it didn't work).

I thought of that when I read this post. Somewhere someone is thinking of marketing a pen (in seven colors) which has been crafted especially for writing on one's palm and possibly other parts of one's body.

I predict a national, soon to be worldwide, craze of washable body writing and I welcome it, if for no other reason than perhaps younger folks will stop permanently disfiguring their bodies with tattoos.

Bret said...

I like the pen idea. I'll see how my daughter's "Hi Mom" was received today.