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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

In the Wilds of San Diego

I ran into my friend Tom while mountain biking today ...

... My friend Tom T. Tarantula.

(It be more accurate to say I almost ran over Mr. Tarantula).


Peter said...

Up here in the Great white North, we are familiar with European and American visitors who admit that the idea of camping anywhere within a hundred miles of a bear terrifies them. Not so us, but if I went biking and saw that cuddly little critter, I'd sell my bike and never leave my home.

Bret said...

Bears? Or grizzly bears? I'm perfectly happy camping in areas shared with bears. I'd be less comfortable in a grizzly bear area.

If you're riding your bike and you hit a bear, it hurts. These little critters just go SPLAT - not a big deal really!

I was thinking of adopting him, but I couldn't figure out how to get him home.

Hey Skipper said...

Once upon a time, I lived in Clovis, NM.

Town motto: So far from heaven, so close to Texas.

While there, I did a bit of a road trip, ending up with a drive back from Taos. Eastern NM is very flat. And tarantulas are very big. So flat, and so big, that I could see one of those things crossing the road from a good quarter mile away.

Not just one, actually. Herds of them. I stopped to take a closer look, prodding one with my boot. Instantly, as in completely without the passage of even the smallest scintilla of time, it was a half-dozen feet away.


Bret said...

This one was a little guy - only about 3 inches long and he was all alone, poor thing.

I've seen a small herd of 'em before and I found that to be a little creepy (literally!).

But this was the first one I've seen within San Diego city limits.

Hey Skipper said...

Is there nothing globalwarmingclimatechangedisruptioncrisisdisasteremergency can't do?