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Friday, May 21, 2004

Tidbits About Nationalized Healthcare in other Countries

Nationalized healthcare can be beneficial but can also be expensive. France is having problems according to this:
France offers its citizens the best healthcare in the world, and it isn't only the French who will tell you so. The World Health Organization ranks France at the top of its list.

The trouble is, the country cannot afford it. The French public health insurance scheme is heading for a $15.5 billion deficit this year, threatening to bankrupt the system.
Canada's healthcare system is also having some difficulties:
Prince Edward Island Premier Pat Binns warned, "our current system is not sustainable, the principles of the Canada Health Act are at risk, and health care as we know it will not survive the end of the decade."
I really don't know that much about it, but Jim mentioned he was interested in understanding healthcare and these articles struck me as interesting.

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