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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Martinis - The New Chicken Soup

I mentioned that I was sick last week and the week before. Chocolate Martinis (3:1 Vodka:Creme de Cacao) saved me. I had a terrible sore throat and couldn't swallow (or eat) at all until by chance I took a sip of a Chocolate Martini. After an initial intense burning sensation, it seemed to act like a local anesthetic and I was able to finally eat and drink a little bit again.

The sore throat still lingered for a few more days so I had to keep drinking Martinis continually, but that was a small price to pay.

Martinis - what aren't they good for?


erp said...

... just happened to sip a chocolate martini!

What a great line.

Bret said...

It's actually more accurate than it maybe sounds. I went to a party and was put in charge of making a round of Chocolate Martinis for everybody and I expected we'd do a toast thingy, so I made one for myself, assuming that I'd only take the one sip. So it was sheer luck and unintentional!