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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Voting Strategy

I could not be more disappointed by the vast majority of politicians, both Democrat and Republican.

As a result, I'm thinking of forming a new political party: The Beautiful Babe Party.

The theory is that they couldn't possibly do any worse than our current set of politicians and at least they wouldn't be so hard on the eyes. I think this new party would be very successful since women would vote for them because they're, well, women, and men would vote for them for obvious reasons.

Since this is a post about pretty girls, I obviously have to post some picture. I've chosen Carrie Prejean, who was (possibly) denied winning Miss USA because of her views on gay marriage (she's against it), showing that even good-looking gals have opinions.


Susan's Husband said...

Yes, you could get candidates that are as pretty and popular as Governor Palin!

Bret said...

That's a good example, but I was hoping for something a little younger.

Also, she's potentially a little too competent. I'm thinking that a good campaign jingle would be something like, "It's true I'm clueless, but I'd still be better than my corrupt and bloviating opponent." Lastly, Palin is a bit past her prime as far as beauty goes.

Hey Skipper said...

I don't think people, including women, unless as a threat, take pretty women seriously.

Bret said...

I do!

I take them very seriously, in, well, you know, certain ways.

erp said...

Women are much too rational to vote for somebody just because they're good looking.

Bret said...

Women will vote for them because they're women, who as you point out are inherently smarter and more rational.

Men will vote for them for other reasons.

erp said...

Rational women vote for the best candidate not the one who most resembles themselves. Liberal women, being irrational, will vote for the most PC candidate, ergo, Obama won their votes.