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Friday, April 03, 2009

Not Their Cup of Tea

Those who read a reasonably diverse range of blogs probably have read that there have been "Tea Parties" (the name related to the Boston Tea Party of 1773) protesting government spending (i.e. the stimulus) and likely higher taxes in the future.

I mentioned the Tea Parties to my wife a couple of weeks back, and she looked at me blankly, wondering what the heck I was talking about. Even though she follows the news via the Main Stream Media fairly closely, she hadn't heard about them at all. She did some Google searching and was shocked to find that the Tea Parties were fairly widespread with significant attendance at some of them.

She's now wondering what else the Main Stream Media is hiding from her.


erp said...

Welcome to your lovely bride to the world of what-the-heck-is-going-on that the NYT and CNN doesn't reveal.

Re: Tea Parties. In Ridgefield CT there were over 300 people at a Tea Party on March 21st that went unreported in the Conncecticut Post [surprise the article is no longer available] while an ACORN "rally" of 30 paid participants had front page pictures and a story that was carried through to the inside pages.

I hope Mrs. B. doesn't become a news junkie.

Bret said...

Mrs. B might become a news junkie but she's way to busy. I was thinking of setting up a feed (like google reader or something for her) but then I figured she'd actually start reading it and get even more behind at work. So for now she'll just have to remain in the dark.