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Monday, June 19, 2017

My Perspective on Misstatements

In the comment section of another post, Hey Skipper asked:
...what is the appropriate thing to do with regard to a serial liar like Harry?
Personally, I'm not all that concerned with people making misstatements and lies, intentional or unintentional. I usually either ignore them or point out that the statements seem to be untrue and then move on. I don't know anybody who has never stated something false for whatever reason in their entire life. And if anyone states something that's false, I still appreciate it being pointed out, since I can't possibly keep track of all the statements that could be made about all subjects.

But my strong preference is to leave the record intact. That's worth far more to me than having some "lies" eliminated (which, in fact, has no value at all to me).

One of the reasons I really like this group of commentators is because of your diverse set of opinions which gives me the opportunity to understand why people think what they do. I like everybody's participation, and perhaps especially Harry's. Why? Because his viewpoint is by far the most different than mine and I've learned a lot by studying what he's written - including, and perhaps especially, the false statements. He clearly believes what he writes and if you believe something, you may be mistaken, but you're not really lying, or it's a class of lie I can easily forgive.

I understand his perspective and those like him far better than if he was not a participant. That's one of the main reasons this blog was started and why I've maintained it all of these years. It's certainly NOT because I expect readers to suddenly see things my way.

I realize I've been a bit distracted (by divorce) over the last few months and the debates here have gotten a bit out of hand lately. I wish I could promise to do better in the near future, but unfortunately I can't make that promise (I don't want to lie! :-) and I have to hope than y'all can continue to participate and learn from each other. I will keep writing no matter what and my posting and commenting pace will probably pick up eventually.


Hey Skipper said...

[Bret:] He clearly believes what he writes and if you believe something, you may be mistaken, but you're not really lying, or it's a class of lie I can easily forgive.

False attribution, or deliberate mis-stating of an objective facts, really are lies. I can't forgive that kind of behavior, particularly when no acknowledgment is forthcoming -- which is the first step to earning forgiveness. Beyond that, knowingly false attribution is only a half step removed from editing posts to change their meaning, especially when it is the sort of lie that can't easily be refuted.

As for understanding Harry's perspective, the only thing I've learned is how much alike progs are. In my few forays into prog blogs, they are all the same: make stuff up that fits the narrative, then memhole it when called. They all promiscuously sling the fascist and racist words, without any apparent comprehension of their meanings, or any possibility of backing up their smears.

Your blog, not mine. I won't delete any posts. But until Harry acknowledges his disgusting behavior, he will get no forgiveness from me.

Bret said...

Hey Skipper wrote: "I won't delete any posts."

Thank you.

I'm still surprised it gets under your skin so easily. Everything okay?

Hey Skipper said...

It has been under a skin for a very long time.

I hate liars, particularly when they are lying about me, and particularly when I have repeatedly asked for a very simple courtesy.