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Thursday, October 09, 2003

California Coup

I think this observation by Steven Den Beste regarding the California recall is an interesting perspective:

Yesterday the citizens of the State of California performed a coup without firing a shot, and equally important, the government didn't resist it. On the contrary, the government ran the election by which that coup was implemented, and counted the votes honestly, and its leader accepted the result.

It is remarkable that the people of California were able to toss Davis out on his ear an that's that. No violence, no blood, possibly not even any lawsuits (we'll see). The biggest downside by far, in my mind, is that this recall outcome probably precludes the possibility of a Terminator IV movie. Bummer!

However, the implications of the control we have over who governs us has ramifications on a much larger scale. Den Beste goes on to say:

... it's true that internationally there is no power which can coercively control US policy. The US walked away from the UN and fought a war in Iraq over vocal objections from many of the governments of the world. The US refuses to ratify the Kyoto accord or to submit itself to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. It has steadfastly refused to yield power over the reconstruction of Iraq. And no amount of scowling aimed at it, or expressions of disapproval from elsewhere, has helped. Every attempt to force the US government to yield to the will of others elsewhere has been as effective as BB's fired at a tank. It's easy to see why that worries them.

But they're wrong about one thing. There is a power on this planet greater than the hyperpuissance, one that it respects and obeys. The government which can ignore any foreign power on the planet, and sometimes even dismisses them contemptuously, submits itself regularly to the only force on the planet which is even more powerful: the American people.

So I guess that means that 'We the People' are even more dangerous than the Bush Administration. Man, I'm feeling baaaaaaad now!

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