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Sunday, October 26, 2003

It's Snowing in San Diego!

Oh wait, never mind, that's not snow, it's ash! Just seasonal fires in East County. I have about 1/8 inch of ash covering my house and yard. Oh well, looking on the bright side, last time this happened the rose bushes started producing more roses. Something in the ash must be good for them.

Update: It's a snow ash day, no school! Well, it's Sunday so there wouldn't be school anyway, but the "fall festival" at our kids school has been canceled. I've never had an ash day before.

Update: Looking up through the smoke the sun is totally red. What's more interesting is that I can see the sun spots! I guess this is a taste of what the lighting would be like during parts of a nuclear winter. Oh joy!

Update: At least one of Cassia's friends' families' houses is on fire. Fires are within 3 miles of my sister's house - she's packing it up and probably heading over. Bummer! We're pretty safe here near the beach. There is a massive freeway (I-5) between the fires and us. There's a saying in San Diego: "There's no life east of I-5" which is supposed to mean that all that's "happenin'" in San Diego occurs in the beach area. I hope it doesn't turn out to be literally true.

Update: Yes, they did evacuate my sister. Fire didn't get her house yet, but she's not allowed to return home. County schools are closed on Monday, no garbage collection, the Mayor has asked us not to go to work, ash is still falling, and the air quality is poor. Other than that, things are just hunky dory.

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